Professional business services

There is no National Highways without our diverse Business Services. These teams provide day-to-day professional infrastructure that allows our business to thrive.

Professional business services

Experts in the delivery of services, our people focus particularly on Human Resources, Legal, Communications, and Strategy and Planning.

Whether you’re a manager, a subject matter expert or just starting out as an apprentice, your work will be highly valued.

Strategy and Planning

We offer a host of opportunities at every level of this discipline. You could find yourself leading client sponsorship of our capital portfolio, managing the programme office for a major strategic initiative, or supporting the achievement of value for money as an economist or evaluation officer. Whatever your specialist skills, a role in Strategy and Planning will see you make a positive impact on the future development of the strategic road network. There will always be big decisions to make about our way forward.


We have a lot to say, to a wide range of audiences. Our Communications professionals are instrumental to raising our profile, generating customer insight, developing partnerships and driving stakeholder engagement. You could be responsible for creating or managing strategic or project-focused communications and campaigns, featuring compelling content and engaging graphic design. Or you might specialise in areas such as public affairs, press relations, marketing or customer experience.

Internal communications are vital, too - getting important messages across within the business, and improving how we all collaborate and share information.


Our business is powered by a host of legal expertise ranging from providing legal advice, contract negotiation, to advising on complex planning matters, to supporting investment decisions.

Human Resources

Of course, the real power behind National Highways is our people. We rely on all manner of HR expertise to support, coach, advise and partner the business on matters including people management, compensation and benefits, resourcing, performance, talent management, well-being, and learning and development.

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