Customer service and operations

From regional and national traffic operations to 24/7 customer services and asset management.

Customer service and operations

There are five key areas of Operations at National Highways.

Find out what each one does below.

Operations Customer Services Division (OCSD)

The Operations Customer Services Division (OCSD) is responsible for keeping customers moving safely. They do this by providing helpful, accurate and timely information, dynamic traffic management and the efficient resolution of incidents.

OCSD provides real time services to customers, 24/7, 365 days a year. Keeping road users well informed is an important way to keep our roads safe.

The National Traffic Operations Group provides a range of national support services to National Highways regions and customers using the network. These include the National Highways Customer Contact Centre, the National Incident Liaison Officer team and Strategic Traffic Operations, and Central Operational Planning. Each of these functions supports the delivery of customer facing information services. 

At our Regional Operation Centres, we carry out the real time traffic management of the busiest road network in Europe.

We operate Regional Operation Centres across 7 locations, 24/7, 365 days of the year. As an operator, you are responsible for managing and monitoring traffic conditions, using a wide range of signals for incidents, road-works and congestion.

As well as taking calls from the public and communicating with fire, ambulance, police and vehicle recovery services, you also make sure National Highways traffic officers are deployed to incidents where they are needed. 

Find out more about our Control Room Operators and what they do.

Over 1,000 on road traffic officers patrol England’s motorways, helping to keep traffic flowing smoothly on all major routes.

By attending to breakdowns and clearing incidents quickly, you reduce the impact of incident related congestion and also reduce the risk of secondary incidents.

You coordinate the response of emergency services, manage traffic, clear debris and get closed routes reopened as soon as it’s safe to do so.

Asset Management and Maintenance is also crucial to our success. This wide-ranging area of Business Operations is at the heart of keeping the strategic road network safe for all who use it.

Diverse teams focus both on day-to-day running and future development of the network and its varied assets. Working closely with other operational teams and our supply chain, Asset Management and Maintenance professionals carry out a wide range of important roles, with responsibility for everything from maintenance through to design and construction.

We rely on you to prepare and coordinate a schedule of works and studies, respond to planning applications, and both influence and negotiate development-related improvements to the network. Your vital work is underpinned by specialist systems and models.



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