Cyber Security at National Highways

Protecting our technology, critical infrastructure, digital assets and managing security risks.

Cyber security at National Highways

As our Digital Roads’ vision becomes reality, the technology of the future will provide us with fascinating and exciting prospects, leading to an unprecedented wave of innovation.

Our initiatives support the enablement of a safe, secure, and resilient strategic road network for the travelling public.

This provides opportunities to deliver excellent customer services, alongside an increased responsibility to keep our assets safe and secure within a rapidly evolving threat landscape.

We offer a range of opportunities, from defending our organisation against threat actors to managing cyber security risk and compliance and more.

Our Cyber Security work:

Strategy and Intelligence

We work in a dynamic, intelligence-led cyber threat environment, developing the cyber strategy for National Highways, underpinning the future of Digital Roads.

The team are pivotal to the design and implementation of cyber security policies, processes, and standards, providing expertise and guidance across National Highways and providing a baseline for others within our Sector.

Team members integrate research and analysis from the National Highways’ Cyber Centre of Excellence into future strategy to ensure that it addresses the needs of the future road user and strategic road network.

Work involves:

  • developing cyber, physical and personnel security advice, informed by cyber threat intelligence, gained in collaboration with security partners;
  • conducting testing and exercising of the digital resilience of our critical services across a range of challenging scenarios to deliver assured recovery - this informs and supports wider security evaluation activities undertaken across the organisation;
  • contributing to incident response and wider crisis management processes, delivering intelligence-led security investigations to support across the breadth of the organisation.

Typical roles at National Highways include:

  • Cyber Security Strategy Manager
  • Cyber Security Policy and Guidance Manager
  • Information Security Management System Manager
  • Business Planning Manager

We provide security management expertise to large and small projects and programmes to improve their security posture. We offer opportunities at all levels, securing critical systems and ensuring new applications are secured by design.

Our team forms part of the architectural practice within National Highways. Team members support us to ensure that sufficient, pragmatic, and scalable security solutions are developed.

Typical roles at National Highways include:

  • Cyber Security Consultant

Our team detects and prevents cyber security incidents across our digital environment. We offer roles in an exciting and fast paced threat landscape, across one of National Highways’ priority areas.

Our team provide a unified, constant view across National Highways operations to identify and defend against security threats. We actively manage new vulnerabilities and minimise the impact of an event should it occur. This work is crucial to ensuring robust recovery plans are in place to reduce any business disruption.

Typical roles at National Highways include:

  • Security Operations Centre (SOC) Analyst

We focus on the practicalities of managing risk and compliance through an effective governance framework. As beneficial as emerging technology can be it's equally important to understand any associated risks.

Roles within this team help manage cyber security risk on behalf of the organisation, and where exceptions are required, ensure there is a clear and managed process in liaison with Corporate Assurance. It is important we monitor compliance with Networks & Information Systems (NIS) Directive and maintain a good relationship with our regulators.

Typical roles at National Highways include:

  • Cyber Risk Manager
  • Cyber Risk Analyst
  • Supplier Assurance Manager

We develop the National Highways Transparency and Data Protection strategies. Roles within this team are key to promoting a culture of openness, transparency, and accountability, increasing public trust and confidence in how National Highways uses and protects its information.

We work closely with a mixture of stakeholders to ensure the information we publish is coherent and relevant and our personal data practices and processes are secure. Team members take on several roles across Information Rights, from assisting in the management and publication of Freedom of Information requests to providing assurance our business areas and supply chain are actively demonstrating Privacy by Default and Design.

Typical roles at National Highways include:

  • Senior Freedom of Information Officer
  • Environmental Information Regulation Officer
  • Information Rights Assurance Manager

Hear from our team:

"I enjoy working for an organisation which develops and enhances technology to run and operate our strategic road network."

Ameet – Governance, Risk and Compliance

"Now is an exciting time to join our growing team and be part of innovative transformation programmes."

Jess – Information Rights

"National Highways has allowed me to develop my technical skillset whilst working with cutting-edge technology."

David – Security Operations Centre

"Ensuring the safety of road users and being responsible for our future presents excellent challenges here."

Tom - Head of Strategy and Intelligence

"One of the things I love about this job is that we help provide the secure delivery of roads as well as and the technology around them."

Eamonn – Security, Architecture and Consulting