National Highways - Non-Executive Director

National Highways is seeking a Non-Executive Board member to join its Board and to chair the Audit and Risk Committee (ARC). The successful candidate, through their membership of the Board, will provide challenge and support to a wide variety of management and operational issues and contribute to the effective strategic and operational leadership of National Highways.
The role of the ARC is to help National Highways in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities with respect to monitoring the integrity of the financial statements, reviewing its governance, internal control and risk management systems and monitoring the effectiveness of the internal and external audit services. The successful candidate will add value by offering independent constructive challenge to the operation of the Board, contributing towards the Board’s primary aims, which include:

  • Providing sound advice to the Chair and Chief Executive;
  • Preparing for and making an effective contribution to the National Highways Board and executive/ NED meetings;
  • Dedicating time to specific projects within National Highways, providing valuable input and advice to the executive team;
  • Maintaining appropriate links to the Department for Transport, and broader stakeholder groups to help manage the organisations reputation;
  • Effectively discharging the duties and responsibilities of a NED and an ARC Chair;
  • Providing strong and constructive challenges to the executive team to ensure that it delivers the approved strategy, and support the executive team in discharging their leadership responsibilities to National Highways;
  • Collectively ensuring that decisions made by the Board follow proper procedures and are supported by sufficient high-quality information; and
  • Ensuring that National Highways is run effectively, in line with best practice for non-departmental public bodies and Managing Public Money requirements.